Selected Team Work

A curated selection of Oscar features created by the design team under Gabe’s management and guidance.

Claims v2.0 14% of customer service calls are claims related. Claims now include claim level & service level cost breakdowns and in-context explainers for key insurance terms. By Emili Hsu

Drug Profiles v2.0 An updated information architecture, with drug variations at the center of the experience, brings cost transparency to the forefront. By Savannah Lim Navigation A scalable navigation that supports multiple user types, anticipates future region expansion, and follows WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements. By Jonathan Wilson

Medications Savings A pilot project suggesting cost-effective alternatives to existing medications that could save Oscar members and the business money. By Sarah Mitrano

Health Survey v2.0 A required step to use Oscar's Doctor on Call, the health survey is faster and easier to complete, focused on clinically useful questions. By Sarah Mitrano

Provider Profiles v3.0 A redesign groups similar content into navigable tabs, brings network status to the forefront, and places appointment details in a consistent area. By Savannah Lim